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  • Women and Alcoholism: Knowing the Risks

    In this post, we discuss the risks associated with female alcoholism. Study after study confirms that women bear greater health risks than men when they experience alcoholism. This includes the risk of developing serious health…

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  • Signs and Symptoms of Female Drug Addiction

    In this post, we outline the signs and symptoms of female drug addiction. Whilst the signs and symptoms may be similar between genders, there are some that are particularly prevalent amongst female drug users. This…

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  • Common Myths About Women and Addiction

    In this blog post, we discuss the six most common myths surrounding the issue of women and addiction. When it comes to addiction, there are some undeniable differences between men and women. For instance, women…

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  • The Needs of Women With Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    In this post, we discuss gender differences when it comes to professional addiction treatment. Whilst gender isn’t the only factor that must come into play when customising addiction treatment, it clearly is one of the…

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