About Us

About Us

Center for Women Policy offers the public a free source of information about addiction issues affecting women. We cover a range of issues including addiction, recovery, mental health issues, domestic abuse, co-dependency, eating disorders, rehabilitation and science.

Center for Women Policy’s aim is to raise awareness about addiction issues affecting women. We also aim to assist women seeking to live life in recovery and away from abusive relationships that only serve to trap them in the cycle of addiction.

Center for Women Policy predominantly offers advice through the weekly addition of blog articles. These articles are provided by a team of hard-working volunteers. Many of these volunteers are women who have defeated addiction in the past.

At Center for Women Policy, we aim to offer many different perspectives on addiction issues from people coming from all walks of life and political persuasions. This means we offer a more comprehensive debate on these important issues. We also invite you to leave a comment on individual blog posts so you may discuss issues we raise through published articles.

Many of our contributors are professional therapists and health care specialists. However, we also invite contributions from lay people who have an interesting story to tell. Many of these people do not have an outlet to tell their story, and we are proud to provide this platform for interesting stories that sadly otherwise would remain untold.

Unfortunately, information concerning women and addiction is scattered unevenly across the Internet. Center for Women Policy aims to draw this information together in one central location so that you are not required to spend an enormous amount of time searching the internet to discover this important information.

If you would like to contribute to Center for Women Policy, we invite you to contact our editor today. If you currently suffer from addiction, you may also reach out to us for help, particularly if you live in the United Kingdom. We have built up a solid reputation for assisting people with drug and alcohol addiction, and we are sure we can help you too if you are able to overcome denial and admit that you need help.

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