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March 8, 2010

The Beijing Platform and the Contract with Women of the USA

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2010 marks the 14th anniversary of the Center’s CONTRACT WITH WOMEN OF THE USA® -- launched on this date in 1996 in partnership with Bella Abzug and WEDO. The CONTRACT WITH WOMEN OF THE USA® is the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women Platform for Action “translated” into US-relevant terms. Click here to read the CONTRACT.

As Bella declared in Beijing: “We have a contract here – that’s what we call the Platform for Action from the Beijing conference – a contract with the world’s women. It may not be legally binding, but I believe it is politically binding.”

We agree. Since March 1996, the CONTRACT WITH WOMEN OF THE USA® has been the Center’s comprehensive agenda for women’s equality, empowerment and human rights – to bring the promises of Beijing home to women and communities throughout the USA. DONATE NOW to support the Center!

On this 14th anniversary of the CONTRACT WITH WOMEN OF THE USA® State Legislators Initiative, we honor the state legislators from throughout the United States who have joined us to endorse these principles and bring them to reality in their states and communities. As members of our National Honor Roll of State Legislators [click here for current membership], they and their colleagues have taken leadership on women’s human rights issues in their states – to ensure reproductive rights, to end the burden of poverty, to ensure access to high quality affordable health care, to end violence against women, to ensure a healthy environment, to work for peace, to ratify CEDAW – and more. We are proud to work with these policy makers who stand up for women’s human rights in their legislatures, in their communities, and in the federal policy arena.

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Today, the CONTRACT WITH WOMEN OF THE USA® enters its 15th year. On this occasion, we invite all of you to join the Center and our state legislators as members of our NEW Global Honor Roll of Leaders for Women’s Human Rights. We welcome advocates and service providers, elected officials and grassroots leaders, women in every field of work and profession, and all those – women and men alike -- who share our vision of an egalitarian future. CLICK HERE to join the NEW Honor Roll.

We will be proud and honored to welcome all of you to the Center’s global partnership and we will work together – across borders and over time -- to promote women’s human rights through enlightened public policy. Together, we will bring the promises of Beijing home to the women and girls of our communities and our countries.

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