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*CLICK HERE* to read the NEW 2012 Papers on Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century, inspired by the Reproductive Laws for the 1990s authors

Advancing Women’s Leadership in Global AIDS Policymaking
In 2008, building upon the revolutionary GlobalPOWER® model, the Center launched a partnership with the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) and the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) to bring together women Members of Parliament and Ministers, women living with HIV/AIDS and NGO leaders, and women journalists from around the world to build new global partnerships to promote woman-centered HIV/AIDS policy in their countries.

Strategic Action Convening (SAC)
The Center convened the Strategic Action Convening: A Framework for Health Care Reform program in Washington, DC on June 12-14, 2009. Twelve U.S. state legislators from around the country came to Washington, DC for three day in June to focus on reproductive rights and justice - and also addressed the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on women and girls. Click here to learn more about the participants and the program.

The women state legislative leaders took immediate action to bring their voices - and the needs of their constituents - to the Congressional debate on health care reform. Together, they crafted a brief but powerful letter to the Members of the Senate and House Committees that are writing the new legislation - to insist that Congress explicitly include all reproductive health care services among the "essential benefits" in any legislation they enact.

Click here to read the letter that is signed by more than 100 current and former legislators who participate in the Center's Contract with Women of the USA® State Legislators Initiative

State Policy on Reproductive Rights and Health
Since 1989, the Center has promoted public policy options that preserve reproductive rights and health for low income women and for women of color. Today, the Center is working in partnership with state legislators who are seeking to preserve reproductive rights and promote reproductive health programs through legislative and policy initiatives.  These legislators remain on the “front lines” in the battle to preserve the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. Our State Policy on Reproductive Rights and Health Program conducts a series of policy analysis, advocacy, and convening activities to meet the self-defined needs of state legislators who are taking the lead in promoting women’s reproductive rights and health. 

National Resource Center on Women and AIDS Policy
In 1987, the Center became the first national feminist organization to address the self-defined needs of women living with HIV/AIDS.  The Center has been a leader in addressing the full range of issues facing women in the epidemic and in developing research, policy analyses, programs, and advocacy strategies to bring women’s voices to public policy debates. 

Legislators Leadership Council on Women and HIV/AIDS
The first national initiative led by state legislators that emphasizes women’s human rights in every aspect of HIV/AIDS programming -- from access to care, to prevention, to confidential testing.