Center for Women Policy Studies
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Violence Against Women and Girls
The Center has been a leader in research, policy analysis and advocacy on violence against women and girls since the 1970s.

Work, Family and Workplace Diversity
The Center’s research on women of color in corporate America provides a basis for recommended changes in both corporate practice and public policy.

Women and Poverty
The Center continues its long term focus on alleviation of women’s poverty through humane welfare policy, access to educational and employment opportunities, and respect for low income women’s struggles – and resiliency.  Since 1988, the Center has promoted access to postsecondary education for low income women as an effective welfare reform and poverty alleviation strategy. 

National Resource Center on Women and AIDS Policy
In 1987, the Center became the first national feminist organization to address the self-defined needs of women living with HIV/AIDS.  The Center has been a leader in addressing the full range of issues facing women in the epidemic and in developing research, policy analyses, programs, and advocacy strategies to bring women’s voices to public policy debates.

State Policy on Reproductive Rights and Health
Since 1989, the Center has promoted public policy options that preserve reproductive rights and health for low income women and for women of color.

The Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers on Women and Girls with Disabilities
In 1999, with Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia, the Center launched a new series of publications on women and girls with disabilities. In memory of Barbara and her feminist passion to ensure the full human rights of women and girls with disabilities, the Center continues this work.

2011 Online Series of New Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers On Women and Girls with Disabilities
In 2011, the Center launched an online series of new Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers On Women and Girls with Disabilities. The 2011 Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers present the self-defined perspectives of women with disabilities – both in the USA and globally – on such topics as: access to health care, reproductive rights and health, violence against women and girls, women and AIDS, educational equity, family life and parenting, employment and economic development, balancing work and family, participation in Government at every level – from local to national to international.

About the Center for Women Policy Studies
On the Cutting Edge: The Center for Women Policy Studies at 25 (1998).  This special report contains oral history accounts of the first 25 years of the Center’s history and observations from dozens of colleagues, Board members, elected officials, staffers and funders.