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If you have found this page, it’s likely that you are a writer or person with an interesting story to tell. We thank you for your interest in advance. Center for Women Policy would simply not exist but for dedicated individuals like yourself.

At Center for Women Policy, we do maintain some editorial requirements. If you follow these requirements, there is no reason why your content cannot be published to our website.

As a rough guideline, we ask for contributions to:

  • Be based on timely news and developments, or;
  • Be based on an interesting and/or inspirational story, or;
  • Be based on practical and actionable tips (so-called ‘evergreen’ content)

If your content does not follow the above pattern, please get on touch and pitch your idea to us anyway, because there is every chance we may accept your submission. We generally shy away from humorous material given the serious nature of our target subject.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of the type of content we write, we suggest you begin by reading past submissions. Past posts focus on addiction issues affecting women. This includes addiction, the science of addiction, rehabilitation, sober living, co-dependency and mental health issues, amongst others.

Some example of popular posts we’ve published in the past include:

  • The Needs of Women With Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Common Myths About Women and Addiction
  • Signs and Symptoms of Female Drug Addiction
  • Women and Alcoholism: Knowing the Risks
  • Whitney Houston: A Case Study of Female Addiction
  • Women and Heroin Addiction: Separating Fact From Fiction
  • The Female Sex Industry and Addiction
  • Female Substance Use Over the Age of 50
  • Why Are Women Susceptible to Cocaine Addiction?
  • Oestrogen: Is there a Hormonal Link to Addiction?

To pitch your idea, contact the editor, Olivia Clark. You may email your submission once it is written. Alternatively, you may contact us before you write your post and we will help you develop your idea so that it fits in nicely with our website.

In either case, we can never guarantee publication. If your article is initially rejected, we may work with you to alter your submission so that it is accepted at a later date.

Once you have submitted your article, allow us up to two weeks to respond to your submission. When you contact us, write in the title of the email “Writing for Center for Women Policy”.

Sponsored posts

If your submission is commercial in nature, we may still accept your post, but we ask for a £150 + VAT fee for doing so. This money is used to fund hosting costs that allow Center for Women Policy to exist.

Tips for writing posts

Below, we offer a number of tips for writing your submission:

  • Use only one space between sentences
  • Write your posts in a conversational voice. Keep sentences short
  • Utilise bullets and lots of white space
  • Use sub-heads
  • Use the word ‘you’ as much as possible. Write like you are speaking to one person directly

How to submit your post

We ask you submit your post as a Word Documents or a simple text file. You may also submit your post as a Google document.

Can I repost my post on my own blog?

No. The content you supply must be exclusive to Center for Women Policy.

Please send in your submission to our editor, Olivia Clark at info@centerwomenpolicy.org.

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