Signs and Symptoms of Female Drug Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Female Drug Addiction

In this post, we outline the signs and symptoms of female drug addiction. Whilst the signs and symptoms may be similar between genders, there are some that are particularly prevalent amongst female drug users. This guide offers you information to help you spot these signs and symptoms. In this guide, we will not discuss the reasons why female drug addiction arises. For more information on the reasons for female drug addiction, click here.

Addiction is a progressive disorder for both men and women. As drug use continues, the body builds up a tolerance to taking drugs. This tolerance means the person must take more and more drugs in order to satisfy cravings for drugs. When addiction takes control, it becomes harder and harder to quit. It’s thus essential for you to spot the signs of addiction before your loved one becomes totally hooked.

Now we outline some of the more common symptoms associated with female drug addiction:

1. Physical symptoms

When a women becomes addicted to drugs, her body will respond in a variety of ways. This is known as the physical symptoms of drug addiction. One change that’s invisible to the eye is tolerance. This means the women must take more and more drugs in order to overcome cravings. The effects of drugs has a diminishing effect, and more drugs must be consumed to experience the desired state of ‘getting hire’. This is one reason why drugs are addictive, and a major reason why people are likely to overdose on drugs at some point or another.

Some of the more visible physical symptoms of female drug addiction include:

  • Bruising and infections
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dilated pupils
  • Abrupt weight changes

2. Behaviour symptoms

The above describes the physical symptoms of female addiction. However, there are also a number of behavioural or psychological symptoms associated with female addiction. This includes personality alterations and changes to daily living habits. The drug user may also seem to lack direction and fail to attend work, university or school.

Some more common behavioural changes associated with drug use include:
– Lethargy
– Aggression or irritability
– Depression
– Changes in personality
– Criminality


We hope you enjoyed this post on recognising the physical and behavioural signs of female drug addiction. Recognising these signs will help you assist your loved one in overcoming her addiction drugs.

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